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Trade Ideas - Real Time Market Intelligence. Trade Ideas for Investors, Traders, Hedge Funds, and Market Professionals.

Let us design your Strategies And Test Today

Our clients have access to powerful market intelligence and backtesting tools including Trade Ideas Pro and the Trade Ideas OddsMaker.

We also create customized strategies optimized just for you. Execution Consulting takes into account your brokerage account type, trading style, trading frequency, risk tolerance, and goals. This is a one-on-one consultation service tailored for you.

It starts with Execution Consulting, are you ready?

Activate your account now and bring predictability to your trading plan

Activating your Trade Ideas Account is as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4.

  1. Enter your account and profile information, then confirm your email
  2. Select the Account Plan that works the best for you
  3. Complete your Exchange Agreements
  4. Download Trade Ideas Pro and get started
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Find your next trade with the all new Ticky!


Use the new Trade Ideas Ticky to conduct stock lookups using our proprietary market insight tools. See stock fundamentals, newest alerts, ranges, and find out what the market is thinking about that stock right now.

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Visit our Trade Ideas Support forums to participate in live trading chats with other TI subscribers. Find out how our subscribers are using TI to capture and exploit opportunities.

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