For Developers

Add the power of Trade-Ideas to your application or website.


The quickest, easiest way to add Trade-Ideas alerts to your application is with our ActiveX control.  Just import the control into your development environment, and you can display stock alerts just as easily as you would add a new button or picture to your application.  The control automatically loads and displays data, and the user can configure it directly.

Traditional DLL

A subset of the functionality of the ActiveX control is available in a traditional DLL.  This is available for developers who can not use ActiveX.  This is primarily useful for people who write all of their code by hand, rather than using tools to write the code for them.

Header files are available for C/C++.  The DLL will also link with Delphi, Visual Basic, etc.


Trade-Ideas already links with a large number of products and websites.  Click here for a list of samples.  The user can click on a symbol on our site, and that symbol will automatically appear in the selected product or website.  If you don't see your application listed on this page, try Generic Option #2.  If you don't see your web page listed, try the Custom URL setting at the bottom of the page.  If this doesn't work, contact us; give us your API so we can work together.

Web Pages

Send people to us for more detailed information about a stock.  Examples: 

Sharing Symbol Lists

To make your customers' lives easier, automatically export their symbol lists.  Trade-Ideas can import symbol lists in several ways.

  • A desktop application can use the ActiveX control or the DLL shown above to send us symbol lists.
  • A web site can send portfolio information or other symbol lists.  Click here for details.  If you already display these lists on your web site, you are 90% finished with the process!
  • The previous method is also useful when a server wants to push a lot of data at once, or any time the developer does not want to use one the libraries listed above.
  • Users can cut an paste a list of symbols into our symbol list editor.  Just display the symbols one per line, with nothing else on the line.  Or put all the symbols in one column of a spread sheet.
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