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ActiveX Overview - Transcript (Using Borland Delphi)

Overview of our ActiveX control

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This presentation describes how to integrate the Trade-Ideas Active X control into your product. For the sake of demonstration, I've downloaded Delphi's free version of their client and set up a simple demo application. Active X actually works on most common compilers today. This page shows any window in your application. I'm going to add our control so that it will look exactly like any other controls that comes standard with Delphi. This applies to virtually to any GUI tool. I have now registered the Active X control, and it will add it to Delphi. The tool can now be found just like any other tool on the palate. You can remove and resize this control just like any other so that it will appear with your content, or just like any control you can make it take up the entire window. Now we have a valid application. It can be started by just clicking on "run." This is live, this is connected to our server. And notice the time it took to actually load these settings. By spending an extra half a second to contact a server, we can avoid a lot of upgrades. All this data, not just the filled in values, but all the potential values come from the server. So every day you can have fresh build and new data. This is after hours. I am adding some sample data here to just fill in the blanks. You can see what it looks like and you have a nice window. You want to make some changes? It works just alike any other window. Select the control. Select what I want to change. Arial Black, 12 point.

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