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White Labels

Trade-Ideas can white label the alerts for your business.  If you buy bulk licenses, contact Trade-Ideas to put your logo at the top of the Trade-Ideas window.  Let your customers see who's paying for their Trade-Ideas account.

Ask your web designer to create a snippet of HTML code with your branding to go at the top of the alerts page.  Virtually any HTML is allowed, but ideally the snippet will be less than 80 pixels tall and 400 pixels wide.  The code should be able to resize horizontally.  See the sample, below.

<TABLE BORDER="0" WIDTH="100%" BGCOLOR="#d0e0ff">
    <TD><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="HappyCustomers.gif"></TD>
    <TD ALIGN="center"><FONT SIZE="3" FACE="Arial"><B>Alerts provided by
      <A HREF=""
      >Happy Customers Brokerage, LLC.</A></B>
Alerts provided by Happy Customers Brokerage, LLC.

Alternatively, let Trade-Ideas point to your site, as shown below.  This provides the most flexibility in the content, including real-time updates.  This also gives you the ability to track and log useage.


Uploading Symbol Lists to Trade-Ideas

A prime broker, clearing broker, or other third party can upload portfolio data or other symbol lists to Trade-Ideas.  Click here for a simple, yet fully functionality, example.  Click here for the source code for this example.

Simplest Integration

This section describes the simplest way to integrate the example above into your web site.  This method does not require any intervention from Trade-Ideas.  Using this method, Trade-Ideas does not need to know usernames, passwords, or anything else about your IT infrastructure, and your IT department does not have to know any usernames, passwords, or anything else about Trade-Ideas accounts.  It is the end user's responsibility to log into both sites.

Copy the code above to your website.  Put the code into a directory where a user must log into to see the page.  Modify the top part of the code; replace the sample lists with the user's portfolio data.  Modify the HTML at the bottom of the code; make the page look like the rest of your website.

The user must go to this new page any time he wants to copy portfolio data from your website to Trade-Ideas.  If you have white-labeled the Trade-Ideas product, you can add a link from the top of the Trade-Ideas alerts page to your new integration page.

Automatic Uploads

The process listed above requires user intervention every time the portfolio data changes.  This user intervention can be eliminated.

The page you created above is a simple HTML form.  The data from this form does not have to come from a user's web browser.  Any program can send the same data directly to the Trade-Ideas website, as if the user had hit a button to submit the form.  Your server can, for example, send this data automatically for every user every night at midnight.

The example listed above shows almost all the data that you need to submit.  The only thing missing is the user's Trade-Ideas username and password.  Please contact Trade-Ideas for more information.

Please start with the simplest integration before attempting automatic uploads.


By default Trade-Ideas displays all symbols as hyperlinks to Yahoo! charts.  If your website includes other research, you may want these hyperlinks to point to your website.  Please contact Trade-Ideas to set this up.

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